Authentic Homemade Mediterranean Cuisine



FALAFEL – Falafel wrapped in a pita w/ lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, homemade tahini sauce. (SPICY or REGULAR)  $7

CHICKEN – Grilled chicken shawrma served w/ pickles, garlicky white sauce & french fries all wrapped inside pita. (SPICY or REGULAR) $8

GYRO – Mouth-watering gyro meat, onions, tomatoes & our homemade tzatziki sauce, inside a warm gyro pita. (SPICY or REGULAR) $7.50

Vegetable – Seasoned grilled veggies wrapped in pita w/crisp french fries & our garlicky white sauce. $8



FALAFEL – Lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, chick peas & olives topped w/falafel & homemade tahini sauce. (SPICY or REGULAR) $8

CHICKEN – Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, chickpeas, olives, grilled chicken breast & garlicky white sauce. (SPICY or REGULAR) $9

GYRO – Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, chickpeas, olives topped with mouth-watering gyro meat & homemade tzatziki sauce.(SPICY or REGULAR) $8.50


FALAFEL – Sampler Plate: Falafel salad, homemade hummus & baba ganoush w/side of pita. (SPICY or REGULAR)  $12

CHICKEN – Chicken shawarma grilled w/seasoned veggies served over rice. Paired w/garlicky white sauce & baba ganoush. (SPICY or REGULAR) $12

GYRO – Mouth-watering gyro meat served over rice, paired w/sides of fresh onions & tomatoes & homemade tzatziki sauce. (SPICY or REGULAR) $ 12

VEGETABLE – Seasoned grilled veggies served over rice paired w/sides of our garlicky white sauce & homemade baba ganoush. $12


HUMMUS – Creamy homemade hummus & pita. (SPICY or REGULAR) $5

BABA GANOUSH – Chunky, homemade baba ganoush & pita. (SPICY or REGULAR) $5

FRENCH FRIES – Seasoned, served w/ketchup. $3



BAKLAVA – Delicious walnuts in layers of flaky filo, laced w/sugar water, topped w/chopped pistachios.